Derek Hatton rejoins Labour 33 years after being kicked out

The former deputy leader of Liverpool's City Council said he was inspired by Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership to reapply for membership. Credit: PA

Hard-left former politician Derek Hatton has rejoined the Labour Party - 33 years after he was kicked out by the then-leader Neil Kinnock.

Mr Hatton, who is also former deputy leader of Liverpool's City Council, was expelled for belonging to the left-wing Militant faction.

He first reapplied for membership in 2015.

He and other members of Trotskyite group known as the Militant Tendency were widely blamed for making the party unelectable during Mr Kinnock's tenure.

The 70-year-old has said he was inspired by Jeremy Corbyn's leadership to reapply for membership.

Writing in the Liverpool Echo, he said he spent much of the last 33 years at odds with the Labour leadership, particular at Tony Blair's decision to invade Iraq.

However, he said he had remained committed to the party throughout the period and that the recent Labour conference had prompted him to rejoin.

former deputy leader of Liverpool's City Council Credit: PA

In all my time I have never witnessed such passion, such energy and such powerful socialist leadership. And strangely that power is despite a kinder, gentler form of politics. Many people, myself included, probably never thought we would witness an unswerving socialist like Jeremy Corbyn at the helm.

Derek Hatton

He wrote of the now party leader: "He stands there with a set of policies clearly aimed at benefiting the vast majority of people in this country and a strategy which will not be dictated to, or influenced by, the five billionaires who own 90% of the country's media."

He added: "Now I'm a 'Labour party member' I believe nothing should take our eye off the ball of securing a Labour government under Corbyn."

The Liverpool Echo reported that despite returning to the party, Mr Hatton has no plans to run for public office.