Lancashire student got death threats after being injured in Westminster terror attack

Credit: Peter Byrne/PA Archive/PA Images

A Lancashire student who was injured in the Westminster Bridge attack has recalled how "lines of people" took images of victims on the bridge.

It comes after a coroner called for "distressing" pictures of victims to be taken off the internet.

The inquest has heard how bystanders used selfie sticks and mobile phones to take snaps of the dead and injured on March 22 last year, with some remaining in circulation.

Travis Frain, 20, a student at Edge Hill University in Ormskirk, was among the injured not called to give evidence at the inquest in London.

He told the Press Association: "I remember almost immediately after I was hit by the car there were lines of people in the windows of the bus filming and taking pictures and video.

Mr Frain also received death threats and abuse from online trolls, apparently sparked by footage of him hobbling away, despite suffering a broken leg.

He said: "Over the course of the last year and a half I received a number of messages from different people, different accounts.

"The worst ones were at the start. I received a couple of death threats saying they were going to hang me and they know where I live.

"Some said the attack was fake and we were all paid actors and some said the attack was real.

"Another was sent to my place of work, saying, 'this man has faked being in a terror attack. I'm going to release the evidence soon.

"If you do not fire him it will affect your business relations. It would look bad'.

"I have consistently told people that after being hit by the car I got up and walked off.

"Paramedics put it down to adrenaline. I had a broken leg and I just hobbled off."

Mr Frain said he reported the death threat to police but no-one had been charged.

On the effect of the abuse, he said: "Colleagues just came up to me and said jokingly 'it looks like you've got a bit of a nut job here, we felt you ought to see it anyway'.

"It does feel uneasy. People are probably not going to believe them but what if somebody does question it?"