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Police thank people for making Giants a success

Officers and visitors enjoy the Liverpool Giants Photo: Merseyside Police

Merseyside Police has thanked people for helping to make the Giants weekend event a huge success.

Superintendent Mark Morgan said: "The ‘Liverpool’s Dream’ Giants event has proved extremely popular with people from Merseyside and beyond.

"As was the case for the Giants previous visits to Merseyside, the behaviour of the public has been excellent throughout the event and we would like to thank them for their co-operation and patience, which has enabled visitors to enjoy the day and helped to create a celebratory and good-natured atmosphere for all.

"I am pleased to say there were no arrests despite the many thousands of visitors that came and they were able to enjoy the entertainment on offer safely and without incident.

Leighton and mum Janet Credit: Merseyside Police

"While around 40 children were reported missing briefly during the event, we were able to help reunite them all with their parents - like 10-year-old Leighton and mum Janet.

"Officers, stewards and event organisers have worked hard to ensure all those attending remained safe.

"The event itself is a real showcase for the city and I’m delighted that thousands of people were able to come into Liverpool and New Brighton this weekend to enjoy this spectacular show and Merseyside itself."

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