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7 year old disabled boy 'over the moon' after being reunited with stolen puppy

Leyton had only had his puppy for one day. Credit: Liverpool Echo Syndication

A 7 year old has been reunited with his puppy after she was stolen on Friday.

The 10-week-old British Bulldog was taken just one day after being given to Leyton Jones as a present. Offenders had kicked down the family's back door.

Leyton, who has a rare movement disorder which means he sometimes struggles to walk, was so upset he wouldn't sleep at home and kept asking "Mummy, have we got Gladys back yet?"

Gladys is now safely back home. Credit: Liverpool Echo Syndication

Leyton's mum, Carlene, believes the theft at their home in Sherlock Lane in Wallasey was targeted.

An anonymous tip-off meant they were able to find Gladys and bring her home.

An anonymous tip-off told the family where the puppy was being kept. Credit: Liverpool Echo Syndication

My little boy is over the moon, he was crying - we all were! He hasn't wanted to leave her side since Gladys came home as he's scared she's going to be taken again.

We had to bring her in the car to school this morning!

– Carlene, Leyton's mum

Leyton's mum is in the process of putting more security measures in place to prevent another break-in, as she claims "it doesn't feel nice at home now."

"Gladys is tiny, she can fit into a person's two hands, and she's quite timid."

"It feels like we've been violated."

The 7 year old is Credit: Liverpool Echo Syndication

Merseyside Police has confirmed the incident has been reported to them.