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A story of a man going to Blackpool to take his life has become a one-man show

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Mark Newsome is the star of one-man show ''Blackpool - What A S**t Place to Die'', which goes to the Etcetera Theatre in Camden at the end of the month.

It's had a lot of positive critical acclaim, telling Mark's own story of going to Blackpool to take his own life, but stepping back from the brink. Described as a dark comedy, it was written by Mark's friend Phil Pearson and it proved a real help to Mark as he was recovering.

A heart-breaking and heart-warming one-man show starring Mark Newsome and written by Phil Pearson.

He’s a gay, autistic, out of work actor. No wonder he’s got a drink and drug problem.

He’s come to Blackpool to get off his face. He can’t tell you what he’s gonna do because he doesn’t know himself.

But Blackpool, What A S*** Place To Die.

– Mark Newsome