Cuadrilla confirms the first shale gas has been produced at Little Plumpton

Credit: Cuadrilla

The energy firm Cuadrilla says it has produced the first shale gas from its fracking site in Lancashire.

Fracking began at the site in Little Plumpton near Blackpool last month, though the process had to be halted on several occasions because of minor earth tremors.

Cuadrilla described the news as significant and says it's indicative of the 'potential of the shale'.

The news comes amid calls from seven Lancashire Labour MPs for the Government to halt fracking immediately. They have written to the Energy Secretary Greg Clark, asking him to take their cause to the Government.

Their concern follows recent earthquakes in Lancashire, including a 1.1 magnitude tremor on Monday. It is reported that over 30 earthquakes have been recorded since fracking began at the Preston New Road site near Little Plumpton two weeks ago.

West Lancashire MP Rosie Cooper is among those calling for an end to fracking. Speaking in Parliament, she said:

Ms Cooper has now written the open letter to the Energy Secretary, co-signed by Lancashire Labour MPs including Julie Cooper (Burnley), Sir Mark Hendrick (Preston), Kate Hollern (Blackburn), Gordon Marsden (Blackpool South), Cat Smith (Lancaster and Fleetwood) and the Shadow Energy Secretary Rebecca Long-Bailey.

In response to reports that Cuadrilla has detected small gas flows at their Preston New Road fracking site, John Sauven, Executive Director of Greenpeace UK said: