Manchester motorists to be offered free eye tests

The police are cracking down on drivers with bad eyesight Credit: PA

Manchester drivers will be offered free eye tests this month in a bid to ensure that motorists don’t fall foul of the decreased road visibility this winter.

M&S Opticians are offering the complimentary tests as police crackdown on poor eyesight on the road by enforcing immediate, on-the-spot driving bans for those who cannot read a number plate from at least 20 metres away. Any offending drivers will have their license revoked and be made to reapply for a new one. The scheme is being launched in conjunction with National Road Safety Week (19th- 25th November).

According to the road safety charity Brake, vehicle crashes involving a driver with poor vision cause as many as 3,000 casualties each year, while almost 80 percent of drivers who are required to wear glasses or contact lenses by law do not do so while driving, according to Sightsavers.

Police are enforcing on-the-spot bans for motorists who neglect their eyecare Credit: PA

Mohammed Bhuta, an optician at M&S Manchester is concerned about drivers as the winter arrives and visibility is reduced:

Drivers heavily rely on their eyesight to anticipate hazards, recognise road signs and monitor other road users and pedestrians – poor vision increases the risk of collision and injury. During the winter months and the darker evenings, road conditions can be much more hazardous. Poor visibility means that hazards aren’t detected as quickly and this gives drivers even less time to react.

Mohammed Bhuta, Optician

“It is imperative that those who do require glasses or contact lenses when behind the wheel wear them at all times, even when travelling short distances. There really is no excuse for not wearing the correct eyewear when driving – it is a legal requirement.”

To book a free eye test click here- all tests must be booked before 10th December 2018.