People who have been affected by terror attacks like last years Manchester Arena bomb are being failed by mental health services.

The first ever nationwide survey of survivors of terror attacks has identified a profound crisis in services offered.

The survey is by campaign group Survivors Against Terror.

"The physical injuries were serious but the mental side was very much harder to deal with.

Ruth Murrell, who was injured with her daughter in the Manchester Bombing.

For information about support available for people who experience mental health problems, the following websites are helpful:

Other emergency care got a good rating by those surveyed.

Police were commended by respondents particularly for their long term support of survivors and families Credit: pa
  • 60% felt the support they received from paramedics was very good or exceptional.

  • The police scored similarly highly with 59% scoring them as very good or exceptional.

  • Longer term police support was even more highly supported with 71% rating their support as very good or exceptional.

  • NHS hospital care came top of the satisfaction stakes with 80% finding their support very good or exceptional.