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Tiny bat on the road to recovery after getting stuck in a wall


A long-eared bat who was thought to be dead after being rescued from a tiny hole in a wall is on the road to recovery at an RSPCA wildlife centre.

The tiny bat, who is around 10 cms long, was rescued from a building in Broughton, Chester.

He has been getting stronger by the day. If he continues to thrive, he will be released back into the wild soon.

Teresa Vicens-Prohens, a veterinary officer at Stapeley Grange, said:

He was quite skinny so he may have been stuck in the wall for a few days, which would explain why he was so weak.”

– Teresa Vicens-Prohens

Wildlife assistant Sophie Sneddon has been hand-feeding the bat since he arrived at the centre. She said:

In the last couple of days he has started to take to food. We feed our bat patients mealworms and he is eating his extremely fast!”

– Sophie Sneddon