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Isle of Man postal workers to strike

The strike will hit postal services on December 13 and 14 Photo: IOM Post Office

Isle of Man postal workers will walk out for two days this month in protest at what their union is calling an “outrageous attack on their job security, pensions, and terms and conditions.''

Communication Workers' Union members voted by 93% for the action. The unions has accused managers of trying to slash pensions benefits, impose a below-inflation pay settlement and introduce a two-tier employment model.

Terry Pullinger of the Communication Workers' Union Credit: CWU

Commenting on today’s announcement, Deputy General Secretary (Postal), Terry Pullinger said: “The Isle of Man postal workers have been in dispute with the IOM Post Office for many months. They are faced with fait acompli proposals that represent a hugely aggressive attack on CWU members’ employment, standard of living and retirement security, the next generation of postal workers and a great public service. These proposals are totally disproportionate to the challenges the industry faces and unnecessary.''

The strike will be the first in the Manx postal service for more than 20 years. It will go ahead on the December 13 and 14, but the union says it is open to what it calls ''intense and genuine'' negotiations on the 10th, 11th and 12th.

Julie Edge MHK, chair of the Isle of Man Post Office Credit: Tynwald

Julie Edge MHK, Chair of the Post Office, said: "Naturally it is disappointing this course of action has been determined, when it has the potential to cause maximum impact at a time of year when our valued customers heavily rely on our postal service, and trust us to deliver their special cards, letters and presents.

''It is also unfortunate this has been pursued when we remain open to negotiations. However, we can reassure our customers that should a strike materialise, a robust contingency plan will come into effect which will minimise disruption to the excellent service we usually provide."