1. ITV Report

Weather - Rest of the weekend for the North West

Wind. Rain. Sunshine Photo: STEVE MULVILLE


After a very windy start the wind will ease a little during the day, although showers are likely to become heavier and more widespread into the afternoon. Highs 10°C.

Unsettled overnight with clear spells and showers, some of the showers heavy. It will be blustery again during the evening, although the wind should ease later. Drier, clearer and colder weather edges into northern fringes by dawn. Lows 4°C.


Showers should soon clear from southern areas. A few may affect the west coast and Isle of Man during the day, but most areas will be dry and sunny. Colder, but less windy. Highs 9°C.


Frost and fog clearing on Monday. Bright spells briefly before cloud builds from the west.