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Heartbreaking photos released of Christmas cards from little boy killed in arson attack with his sisters

Heartbreaking photographs have been released of Christmas cards written by an eight year old boy before he was killed in an arson attack.

Brandon Pearson had all his cards ready to give to his friends when a fatal fire killed him and his three sisters a year ago.

Demi was 15, Lacie was seven - and their baby sister Lia was just three.

Lia, Lacie, Brandon and Demi Pearson.

These are the Christmas cards Brandon's friends never got to see.

Brandon wrote these letters for his friends - but never got to send them.

Last night the community in Walkden came together to mark a year since the tragedy.

A banner on the former family home says Credit: ITV News

Candles and flowers were laid outside the house where the four children lost their lives.

The family hope to repeat the memorial every year.

Credit: ITV News

The children's mother Michelle was very seriously injured and has been in hospital ever since.

Tonight she sent a message from her hospital bed thanking the community for their help and support.

Her mother, the children's grandmother, says she tries to keep busy to avoid becoming ill with grief.

We had our little cry with Michelle today at the hospital, but it's going to be like this for a long while.

We planned this vigil for weeks. We just want to keep their memory going.

– Sandra Lever