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Would you support a council tax rise to pay for more police officers?

The people of Greater Manchester are to be asked to have their say on plans to get residents to pay more for policing.

The proposals from Deputy Mayor aim to plug the shortfall from the Government. Before Christmas GMP were awarded the police grant which included an additional £15m. The authorities claim this money will only cover the police pension shortfall.

The plans would mean a council tax rise of £24 per household over the year.

The plans would mean a council tax rise of £24 per household over the year. Credit: ITV News

The proposal includes plans to:

  • Recruit 320 additional officers
  • Improve the 101 service
  • Increase grants to LA's for safety initiatives
The combined authority say they'll use extra funds to recruit more than 300 officers. Credit: ITV News

The Government's disappointing and shameful police grant announcement did very little to ease the pressure on stretched police budgets, and once again passed the financial burden on to local taxpayers.

This means we are left with very little choice but to ask Greater Manchester residents to contribute more to help us ensure that our police service is properly resourced to protect them.

This is not an easy proposal to put forward and we do so very reluctantly, but I want to be clear that all the money raised through council tax will be invested in improving your police service. This will include continuing to strengthen police officer numbers and investing in new ways to tackle the increasing demands on the service.

We need to balance the books whilst balancing competing demands, which is why we want to hear your views on the proposals as we continue to mitigate years of cuts."

– Deputy Mayor Bev Hughes

Have your say on the council tax proposals at by the 27th of January.