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'Don't panic': 6 foot boa constrictor missing in Lancashire

The owner of a six-foot long snake who's gone missing in Lancashire has assured members of the public there are no safety concerns over his pet.

Garry Pickup, who lives in Bacup, said that there has been some "panic" after he reported the boa lost last week and it has still not been found.

He contacted Rossendale Responsible Animal Rescue as a precaution, although he says he believes the animal is probably hiding somewhere warm in his house as it is not very mobile.

Saffron's owner said she has "never bitten anything" and is even frightened of larger rats. Credit: MEN Media

Garry noticed she had gone after he cleaned out the tank on Monday, January 7.

The snake, who is a red salmon boa called Saffron, is said to be very timid.

She's currently six-foot long, but can grow to 14 or 16 feet when she's a fully grown adult.

She’s scared of rats; if I get medium-sized rats she hides. I would be more concerned for her than anybody else if she has got out of the house.

There’s more chance that cats and dogs are going to harm her. They can last quite a long time in the cold.

– Garry Pickup

The snake had just been fed and can apparently go months without food.

Garry said he believes Saffron is likely to be found in inaccessible parts of his house near central heating pipes or behind his gas fire.

Sightings should be reported to Rossendale Responsible Animal Rescue.