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Weekend Forecast - Cold spell continues

Ice above Rossendale. Photo: DAVID GREENWOOD

So the cold spell has well and truly set in now. The first of the year and the first real taste of Winter so far this season. As yet, nothing out of the ordinary for a January in the North West - despite some surprised faces in Liverpool as the rain turned to wet snow for a time to give a light temporary covering.

The weekend stays cold and disappointingly cloudy. Some wet weather is forecast at times - very well scattered showers Saturday, light rain Sunday. This is still likely to be wintry mix of rain and sleet. Any settling snow mainly confined to higher routes above 200m but it's expected to be light......for now.


Rain turning to a mixture of rain, sleet and snow (settling over hills). Cold and breezy. Highs at best to 5°C.


Northwest England will be cloudy, breezy and cold with patchy rain, and further snow on high ground which may leave a covering of snow on the hills. Temperatures hovering around freezing.

Even a dusting of snow in Liverpool as warmer, wetter weather hit the cold air over the North West Credit: Abbot's Lea School, Woolton . JENNIE SHIPLEY


After a frosty start, parts of Cumbria will be cold and bright. Cloud and showers are likely further south, falling mainly as rain, but with further snow on high ground. Maximum temperature 6 °C.


Rather cloudy with light and patchy rain, with hill snow, moves south through the day. Continuing to feel cold, a sharper frost follows as skies clear through the night.