SPECIAL REPORT: Closing Calderstones

Calderstones hospital in Lancashire is closing Credit: Granada Reports

There are fears the closure of the only NHS hospital of its kind in the country will place some of society's most vulnerable at risk.

Calderstones hospital in Whalley (now known as Mersey Care Whalley) looks after people with learning disabilities and autism.

But when shocking footage emerged of patients being abused at another hospital near Bristol called Winterbourne view, Calderstones was carded for closure.

The NHS promised it would be replaced with community care but 3 years on Calderstones still hasn't shut.

And there are concerns that plans to move some patients to a new hospital in Maghull is replacing one institution with another at huge expense.

Our correspondent Amy Welch has this special report.

Calderstones Hospital is closing and the safety of patients is our priority, so appropriate support needs to be in place for everyone, to ensure a smooth transition to any new care package or facility.

NHS Spokesperson