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Dog owner jailed for 'worst' neglect judge has ever seen

Photo: Liverpool Echo Syndication

A dog owner was jailed for allowing his pet to become emaciated and infected with maggots, leading to her death. Justin Jervis was sentenced to 16 weeks in jail in a hearing at Liverpool Magistrates Court today.

Credit: Liverpool Echo Syndication

District Judge Andrew Shaw appeared visibly disturbed by the horrifying images of neglect shown in court, which he condemned as the worst he has ever seen.

Jervis' pet Shar-Pei, Bubbles, was put to sleep by vets at the PDSA in Kirkdale last year - after she was presented in a skeletal state.

Bubbles was also infected with mature maggots which had nested in her ear canal and began migrating throughout her head, as well as having a back leg which was hugely swollen from cancerous growths.

Jervis, of Gorst Street in Anfield, Liverpool, pleaded guilty to three charges of causing suffering to an animal, after leaving his dog to suffer in pain for nearly a year.

Sentencing Jervis, Judge Shaw said:

You were aware that your dog was so poorly that the vet wanted you to consider euthanasia. You were asked to take the dog back after seven days. Over the next 10 months your dog lost weight to the point where she was obviously emaciated and it's perfectly clear to any sensible onlooker that the dog was in appalling physical condition. The vets choose to use a body scoring condition of one to nine and they chose one for your dog. Her physical condition was appalling and pathetic. You were responsible for her care. Your neglect could equally be considered as cruelty.

– Judge Shaw
Credit: Liverpool Echo Syndication

Defending Jervis in court, Emma Smith said:

This is not a case where he has deliberately harmed the dog and he found that very difficult to accept. For 12 years there were no medical issues in relation to the dog that he failed to seek medical assistance for.

– Emma Smith

Judge Shaw handed Jervis a 16-week custodial sentence, of which he will serve eight weeks in prison and spend 12 months on licence.

He was also banned from keeping animals for 20 years and forbidden from appealing the conditions of this ban for at least 10 years.