Police have slammed vandals who destroyed a tombstone at a Jewish cemetery as a 'complete disgrace to humanity.'

Devastating photos show extensive damage to an Ohel - a traditional Jewish grave - after it was smashed open at a cemetery in North Manchester.

Other parts of the cemetery were trashed or destroyed after vandals wreaked havoc at Philips Park Jewish cemetery in Whitefield on Sunday.The despicable acts were blasted by officers from GMP who described the perpetrators as 'scumbags.'

A tweet by Greater Manchester Police Prestwich said:

I hope the scumbags who desecrated a graveyard in Whitefield are proud!

Greater Manchester Police

The grave is believed to have belonged to a former Manchester Rabbi, according to the Jewish Telegraph.

North-west Rabbi, Shmuli Brown condemned the attack, calling the vandals 'cowards.'

She tweeted:

Today, the Jewish cemetery in Whitefield, Manchester was vandalised and graves were smashed. These cowards picking on the dead trashed the place. This is a horrible act of antisemitsm.

North-west Rabbi, Shmuli Brown