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Lottie's inspiring others after surviving a stroke at the age of three

ie was commended for her courage after being nominated for a Life After Stroke Award. Credit: Liverpool Echo.

A five-year-old girl from Cheshire who suffered a stroke while on holiday is inspiring others after a remarkable battle back to health.

Lottie Evans was enjoying a caravan break with family and friends two years ago when she became clumsy and unable to walk.

Her parents rushed her to hospital where medics initially thought she had Bell’s Palsy.

But further tests discovered that she had suffered a stroke and believed she may never walk or talk again.

Now Lottie, a keen morris dancer from Warrington is close to making a full recovery after lots of support with physiotherapy, occupational therapy, and speech and language therapy.

And her parents have set up their own charity, Lottie’s Way, to raise awareness of childhood stroke.

Adam McClean has been to meet her: