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Wavertree voters give mixed response to Luciana Berger's resignation from Labour

Luciana Berger's Liverpool Wavertree constituency had mix feelings about today's 'Labour split' Photo: PA

Voters in Luciana Berger's Liverpool constituency gave a mixed response to her resignation amid misgivings at the current leadership of the Labour Party.

In a random selection of local voters in her Wavertree constituency, many could not name her, but recognised her name, and all appeared to be aware of the accusations of anti-Semitism within the Labour Party.

North West MPs Luciana Berger and Ann Coffey were amongst the seven MPs who resigned from the Labour Party Credit: PA

She has been an outspoken critic of Labour's leadership, and of Jeremy Corbyn over his handling of anti-Semitism and his Brexit position.

Her stance on alleged hatred towards Jewish people has seen her face a torrent of abuse from online trolls and she required a police escort at last year's Labour Party conference.

But most voters in Wavertree appeared more concerned with immigration issues locally than machinations in the "Westminster Bubble".

Ian Green, wearing a Glasgow Rangers bobble hat and a regular at the Rose Vaults pub on Wavertree High Street, said:

I think it was inevitable. I'd still vote for her, I think she's doing a good job.

"I'm a Labour voter but I've not been since Corbyn took over. I don't like Jeremy Corbyn and I don't like his values.

"I am a loyalist, a patriot, and he's no loyalist."

– Ian Green

Ann Baker added:

I think it's quite sad. She's done quite well here, she's quite high profile. I think she's trying her hardest and she's giving up a safe seat.

"People are not getting enough say about things. Labour are not Labour anymore."

– Ann Baker

Colette Basley, a volunteer at the local Cat's Protection charity shop said she had voted Labour in the past but not now as it was full of "brainwashed students".

She said:

I don't think Labour would recover from the state they're in now.

"Anti-Semitism in this day and age is just shocking really, I can understand how people are upset or angry about that.

"I know some people where I live liked her, they would probably support her. They would probably still support her."

– Collette Basley

Steve Prendgast, 64, who said he was a life-long Labour voter, said:

I heard them talking about it this morning on the news about anti-Semitism and all that. Berger, Ellman, from what I have seen, they are nice people.

"I would vote for Berger again, three years ago, she helped me out of difficult times.

"I know they say there's anti-Semitism and he (Corbyn) has met IRA members, but, that's water under the bridge and that's it."

– Steve Prendgast

Pensioner Monica Kavanagh, said she was a Labour voter and the anti-Semitism her MP had suffered was "disgusting" but she would still vote Labour over any independent.

She said:

I've voted Labour at all times. I would rather have Labour, they have done well for our country."

– Monica Kavanagh

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