'Aim High': a rising culinary star's message to people with Asperger's

Rebecca has been named The Ivy's Employee of the Month Credit: ITV News

The youngest pastry chef at The Ivy in Manchester is sharing her success story to inspire other people to follow their dream.

Rebecca Jackson has always loved to cook and bake, but has now turned that passion into a promising career, having been named her kitchen's first Employee of the Month.

Now Rebecca, who has Asperger syndrome, wants to encourage employers to keep an open mind when a potential candidate explains that they have a managed disability or health issue.

Rebecca has a message for people looking to find work while managing health conditions or disabilities. Credit: ITV News
Rebecca improved her interview skills and built her confidence through the Working Well programme. Credit: ITV News

Despite being trained in patisserie baking and confectionary, Rebecca initially struggled to find work.

But then she was assigned a mentor from a programme called "Working Well".

The programme is delivered by Ingeus, and works alongside people with health conditions or disabilities who are trying to find a job, giving them interview skills training and other kinds of support.

Rebecca helps prepare The Ivy's afternoon teas and desserts. Credit: ITV News

Rebecca says she has found her "dream job".

Lise McNally went to meet her: