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Derek Hatton says he is 'back in the Labour party' 34 years after being thrown out

Hard-left former politician Derek Hatton has been formally readmitted to the Labour Party 34 years after his expulsion, it has been reported.

Mr Hatton, who is also former deputy leader of Liverpool's City Council, was expelled for belonging to the left-wing Militant faction by the then-leader Neil Kinnock.

His return rubber-stamped last week following a meeting of the party's disputes panel, according to the Daily Mirror.

Former hard left politician Derek Hatton says he has been readmitted to the Labour Party. Credit: PA

He previously claimed to have been accepted back last September, but party sources said at the time that he was not a member.

Mr Hatton told the Mirror he was not prepared to talk about "particulars" of what had gone on but that "processes have happened", adding: "I am a member of the Labour Party."

A group of seven Labour MPs have resigned from the party to sit in the House of Commons as independents. Credit: PA