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Police surveillance catches pair in the act of £30,000 heroin drop

All three were charged with conspiracy to possess Class A drugs with intent to supply. Credit: GMP

Three people have been jailed over heroin related offences after a police surveillance operation in Manchester.

This is the moment two of them handled a rucksack containing £30,000 worth of heroin - oblivious to the fact that they were being followed by police:

The footage, which was taken in January, shows Robert Smith handing over the bag to the former footballer Ramiro Orr. Orr throws the backpack over his shoulder and begins to walk off in the opposite direction.

Police followed and arrested him, still carrying the rucksack containing 2kg of heroin.

They also arrested Travis Bailey - the main man overseeing the operation - who had tried to call Orr six times in three minutes.

A search of his home yielded an "impressive" hoard of designer clothes and jewellery, as well as almost £57,000 in notes.

Almost £60,000 was found stashed in a sock drawer. Credit: GMP

Yet another group who thought they were above the law and beyond detection are where they should be, unable to cause even more harm by profiting from drug supply.

If people are acting like these criminals in your area, all you have to do is tell us.

– Det Insp Kevin O’Regan

All three have been jailed for conspiracy to possess Class A drugs with intent to supply.