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Teenager born with two wombs wakes from coma to be presented with baby she didn't know she was expecting

Ebony has a rare condition which meant she had no baby bump throughout her pregnancy.

A teenager got the shock of her life when she woke from a coma to be presented with the baby she did not know she was expecting.

In December Ebony Stevenson from Oldham went up to bed feeling unwell but her conditioned worsened and she fell into a four-day coma.

When she woke up in hospital she was told that she'd had a baby girl.

No one knew baby Elodie was on the way... Credit: ITV News
women with a double uterus

The reason Ebony didn't know she was pregnant is because she has two uteruses, a rare condition affecting one in 3000 women. It meant she carried her baby towards the back of her body, couldn't feel any kicking, and didn't have a baby bump.

She joined us in the Granada with baby Elodie to tell us about the surprise of her life: