Grandfather facing life-sentence in Japan over drug smuggling

Frank Rodway

A grandfather from Salford is languishing in prison in Japan after he was caught allegedly smuggling drugs into the country.

Frank Rodway was arrested in Tokyo six months ago with two and a half kilos of amphetamines in his luggage. He's now facing a possible life sentence.

Back home in Salford, his daughter says her father is vulnerable, and he's been the victim of an elaborate internet scam. She said he was told he'd inherited millions but he had to travel to Africa and Japan first.

Despite warnings from his daughter, the 67-year-old boarded a series of flights which took him to Mali in Africa, before he was told to travel on to Tokyo where his new fortune would be waiting for him. Laura Rodway believes drugs were planted on her father after he arrived in Africa.

My dad doesn't smoke, he's never done drugs in his life, he likes to go out for a pint occasionally. It's just crushed me. I looked at my dad's emails.. ''We need to contact you, there is a box containing several million dollars at the airport.'' It was that kind of thing. You'd just think delete, gone, block but he was already over there, he'd gone, he'd fallen for it.

Laura Rodway, Frank's daughter
Frank with his daughter Laura on her wedding day. A few days after Frank went on the trip without telling his family

We are assisting a British man arrested in Japan and our staff are in touch with the Japanese authorities and his family in the UK.”

Foreign Office

Mr Rodway remains behind bars in prison awaiting trial.