More strikes planned at Liverpool Women's hospital

Credit: itv granada

Liverpool Women’s Hospital staff employed by the private company OCS are set to resume their strike next week, taking action on Monday (11 March) and Wednesday (13 March).

More than 40 staff who work as cleaners, catering staff, porters and security officers will join the strike. Unions say staff are not being paid the proper NHS rate for the job.

Kerry Cornwall is a catering assistant at the Liverpool Women’s Hospital. She is employed by OCS and is taking part in the strike. She said:

"An extra pound an hour would mean I can possibly take my kids on a small break, or make their birthdays or Christmases a little more memorable. It wouldn't make me rich, but it would make my life a little richer by taking some of my constant financial worry away.

“And I do play a part in keeping our NHS going. It’s only fair that I should get NHS pay."