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Shipping containers could transform Isle of Man village

An example of how shipping containers can be converted for other uses. Credit: Isle of Man Government.

Refurbished shipping containers could soon be used to breathe new life into a village on the Isle of Man.

The Container Cluster is part of a £1.8m plan to attract businesses and create a community hub in Jurby.

It will see the development of former shipping containers, upgraded with insulation and power available to rent to crafts, clubs or artists.

Nearby, four Polycrub tunnels built from recycled materials will provide shelter for people to use to grow their own vegetables alongside outdoor planter beds.

It is part of a broader three-year scheme which planned to begin this year.

"The project so far has been a great example of government working with the local community to come up with a project with huge potential benefits."

– Julie Edge, Member of the Department of Infrastructure

A display of the plans will be available to view and discuss at roadshow events being held at Jurby Medical Centre next month