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Siamese cat has brush with death after swallowing 16 hair bobbles

Olaf the Siamese Cat. Credit: Ceidiog

A Siamese cat had a brush with death after swallowing 16 hair bobbles.

Olaf's owners didn’t know he'd been secretly eating the bands until he fell ill.

X-rays revealed the four-year-old feline, who lives with his owners in Northwich, had something metal inside his stomach.

Vets initially thought Olaf had swallowed some wire or mesh Credit: Ceidiog

A veterinary team at a hospital in Hartford, Cheshire feared it could be sharp wire and so decided the best thing to do was to operate.

But they were shocked to find a mound of hair bobbles inside Olaf’s stomach, suspected to have been there for “quite some time.”

Olaf was very poorly. At one point we thought we were going to lose him.

We’ve stopped letting him play with bobbles now but he’ll tap his paw on your head as if to say he wants the bobble so I don’t think he’s learned his lesson.

– Morgan Warwick-Bower, Olaf's owner