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"Never miss a smear test girls; it has catastrophic consequences." The plea from a newlywed husband

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A newlywed mum who died of cervical cancer just a week after her wedding had missed just one smear test.

Carly Gorst was diagnosed with the killer disease in December 2017 after she began bleeding heavily.

The 39-year-old was told she had a four inch tumour in her cervix and began treatment to fight the aggressive cancer.

Sadly, despite undergoing surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy the cancer spread and she was told it was terminal.

Credit: Liverpool Echo

Less than 18 months later, and just a week after her wedding to sweetheart Craig, the mum-of-two died in his arms on March 3.

Heartbroken husband Craig said his wife had missed just one smear test in her life.

And following her tragic death he wants to spread the message of how important regular testing is.

Credit: Liverpool Echo

"I am heartbroken and numb.

"But I just need to share the importance of going for smear tests to save other lives before it's too late.

"Never miss a smear test girls; it has catastrophic consequences.

"I've just lost my gorgeous wife after being married for only a week.

"She only missed one smear test.

"But cancer kills if it's not caught early enough."

– Craig Gorst

Figures show that screening rates are now steadily falling each year.

Credit: Liverpool Echo

Craig said Carly was "always smiling" and was a fantastic mum to her two children Ashley, 19, and Tom, 15.

Craig, also 39, said: "She worked as a carer of the elderly before she was diagnosed, so spent her life looking after others.

"She loved being a mum and was devastated when she got ill that she couldn't do her usual 'mum things' like make the kids tea or iron their clothes.

"All the things that people take for granted and moan about.

"She was a fantastic mum and an all round lovely girl. She was loved by everyone."

Credit: Liverpool Echo

Our Correspondent Amy Welch went to meet Craig.



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