Six rare baby lemurs born at Chester Zoo - including their first black lemur

The species is vulnerable to extinction in the wild. Credit: Chester Zoo

Six rare lemurs have been born at Chester Zoo.

The five babies include two sets of twins and the zoo's first ever baby black lemur.

They each weighed no more than a tennis ball at birth.

It's too early to tell whether the five are male or female, as they spend most of their time on their mothers backs.

Among the new arrival's is the zoo's first black lemur. Credit: Chester Zoo

The ring-tailed lemur is vulnerable to extinction in the wild, and are the planet’s highest primate conservation priority,

Habitat loss in their native home of Madagascar has pushed multiple species to the brink of extinction.

Chester Zoo’s conservationists have been fighting to protect habitats and species in Madagascar for nearly ten years. Credit: Chester Zoo

The "important" new arrivals will grow up in the new Madagascar zone at the zoo.

Dr Nick Davis, Chester Zoo’s Deputy Curator of Mammals, said: “Madagascar is a truly inspirational place; home to incredible, unique wildlife that cannot be found anywhere else on the planet. Yet we can report first-hand that we are on the brink of losing many of these species forever."

Soon the little ones will start to climb on their own. Credit: Chester Zoo