Ramsey Cottage Hospital first in British Isles to receive latest healthcare equipment

The equipment was donated by League of Friends of Ramsey Cottage Hospital. Credit: ITV News

Ramsey Cottage Hospital has become the first in the British Isles to be using new 24-hour sensor technology to monitor patients.

Pads are placed under the mattress of the patient which sends data to a wall-mounted screen.

The sensors, made by EarlySense, transmit the data directly to the nursing station alerting them if action needs to be taken.

The pads monitor the patient's heart rate, respiratory rate and their body movement.

The equipment was supplied through a donation by League of Friends of Ramsey Cottage Hospital.

The group had raised £268,000 over several years from bequests, donations and events before purchasing the technology from Vannin Healthcare.

Leonard Singer, Chairman of Friends of League of Friends of Ramsey Hospital, explained the importance of this advancement.