1. ITV Report

Easter update with Kerrie - Dry, sunny & warm


Fine and dry with long spells of strong sunshine, occasionally appearing hazy due to areas of high cloud. Very warm for most too, but fresher around the coast with gentle onshore breezes. Highs 22-25°C.

Dry overnight with clear spells and light winds, so soon turning chilly in places as the sun goes down. Generally remaining on the mild side, but chilly rural lows down to 5°C.


Another fine and very warm day with long spells of hazy sunshine and light winds. A little cooler around the coasts. Highs 24°C.


Staying fine, mostly sunny and very warm. Sunshine will sometimes be hazy, particularly on Sunday. A touch breezier on Monday but we could break Easter records if highs reach above 25.3ºC on Sunday and 24ºC on Monday