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Rescue dog who survived being shot cheats death a second time

Cola's had an incredibly journey to find his forever home. Credit: Oakwood Vet Referrals

A rescue dog who survived being shot in Cyprus has cheated death a second time after a lucky escape on the motorway.

Cola was brought over to the UK after being adopted by a couple from Nantwich.

They found the four year old in a Cypriot rescue centre - X Rays revealed that his body was peppered with bullets.

Vets believe the pointer was unwanted gun dog who fled while being shot at. Credit: Oakwood Vet Referrals

When we met Cola, we instantly bonded with him.

We decided we wanted to give him a happy home and went through the process of adopting him and getting him flown over to the UK.

– Rebecca Vickers, owner
Cola's bones have now healed really well and he is back with his new family. Credit: Oakwood Vet Referrals

But Cola's journey to his happy ever after suffered another blow - he escaped from a cargo centre after being flown to the UK and was hit by a car on the M65 motorway.

A specialist vet managed to save the liver pointer against the odds - performing complex surgery to his shattered leg.

Rebecca said "When we got to the vets, Cola wasn't in a great way and we were told he would either have to be put down or referred to a specialist."

"After everything we'd been through to get him here, we didn't want to give up on him.”

Cola's new family say they couldn't give up on him. Credit: Oakwood Vet Referrals

Cola's bones have now healed really well and he is back with his new family.

Vet Charlie Sale of Oakwood Vet Referrals said despite what he's been through, cola is "such a lovely, happy and friendly dog, and so trusting"

It was a pleasure and a privilege to treat such a brave dog

– Charlie Sale

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