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Woman left her vulnerable 91-year-old mum to die

Therese Curphey junior Photo: Liverpool Echo

A woman who left her vulnerable 91-year-old mum to die in agony screamed "how could you do this to me?" when found guilty of manslaughter.

Therese Curphey junior failed to seek medical care for Theresa Curphey senior, despite the fact she had pressure sores so deep her bones were exposed.

Credit: Liverpool Echo

When she finally called an ambulance, saying the OAP was making "horrible noises", paramedics found her victim emaciated and covered in excrement.

They struggled to gain entry to the bedroom of her Lydford Road home in West Derby, because there were so many objects piled high behind the door.

Credit: Liverpool Echo

But when they did, they discovered the frail and filthy pensioner, who had developed severe sepsis, lying on the floor next to her bed with broken ribs.

She was taken to hospital where it took staff about half an hour to clean her up. They found the elderly woman emaciated and with very serious pressure sores. She was pronounced dead by staff at 7pm that night.

Curphey jnr, 53, who claimed she had cleaned her mum with tea tree oils and didn't know about the sores, denied gross negligence manslaughter.

However, a jury unanimously found her guilty of the charge today after just two hours of deliberation, following a three and week trial at Liverpool Crown Court.

When the verdict was returned Curphey jnr, also of Lydford Road, yelled out "how could you do this to me?" and "you're lying" at shocked jurors.

The defendant, who had been permitted to sit outside of the dock because she has autism, then fled the courtroom, followed by her defence counsel.

Judge Andrew Menary, QC, asked the jury to retire before she was brought back into court, screaming hysterically, and taken into the secure dock.

Jurors, some of whom were visibly upset, then returned to the courtroom, before Judge Menary said he was remanding her in custody "for her own safety".

He said the decision to remand her would be reviewed this afternoon, but that Curphey would be sentenced on Wednesday, May 1 next week.

Speaking after the case, Pascale Jones of Mersey Cheshire Crown Prosecution Service said:

This was a challenging case. The circumstances of the death met by Teresa Curphey were tragic.

Her daughter, over a period of months, had declined offers of help from neighbours, social services and claimed to be the sole carer for her mother.

She even decided to change her mother’s medication, in the belief she knew better than the doctor. She was the only person in the house to witness the deterioration of her mother’s health.

– Pascale Jones of Mersey Cheshire Crown Prosecution Service