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Police horse renamed in memory of TV presenter Dianne Oxberry

Dianne Oxberry Credit: BBC

Merseyside Police are renaming one of their horses later in honour of the late TV presenter Dianne Oxberry.

Dianne died from ovarian cancer in January.

She was a great lover of horses, and the force says she'd made a lasting impression on the mounted section when she visited there last year.

Today, Chief Constable Andy Cooke and officers from the Mounted Section will be joined by Dianne's family and close friends to pay tribute to her and by naming one of the horses in her memory.

Mr Cooke said "Following news of her death, we decided that naming one of her horses to commemorate her would be a fitting tribute. Today, joined by Dianne's close friends and family, our horse 'Daisy' will be renamed 'Oxberry'