Unmarked HGVs catch dangerous drivers texting and making card payments at the wheel

Highways England Credit: Highways England

Footage has been released showing the dangerous lengths some drivers are going to in order to send messages whilst driving.

Click the video below to see a pick-up truck driver with no hands on the wheel as he travels along the M60 near Eccles in Greater Manchester.

The driver, was among over 3,000 dangerous drivers filmed by three unmarked HGV 'supercabs' in the past year but Highways England.

The cabs, have travelled thousands of miles since they first took to the road 12 months ago and police officers inside the vehicles have recorded over 3,500 offences, including over 900 offences in the North West.

The most common offences in the North West included:

  • Not wearing seatbelt - 271

  • Using mobile phone - 202

  • Not in proper control of vehicle - 43

  • Speeding - 28

Police officers in the region issued 59 penalty charge notices and filed 832 traffic offence reports - usually requiring drivers to attend a driver education course. There were also 10 prosecutions for more serious offences.

"Hundreds of thousands of drivers use our roads every day and the vast majority are sensible behind the wheel but some are putting themselves and others at risk.

Richard Leonard, Head of Road Safety at Highways England