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Environment strategy highlighted in Tynwald following climate emergency announcement in Isle of Man

The Chief Minister announced a climate emergency on 10th May. Credit: ITV Granada Reports

The Isle of Man Government has laid out plans to tackle climate change following the announcement of a 'climate emergency' on the Island.

Chief Minister, Howard Quayle, spoke in Tynwald today announcing that a full action plan will be brought to Parliament in December.

He also spoke of a "cross-government climate change action team" alongside workshops with other members to identify aims to tackle climate.

This follows new government initiatives being launched, encouraging the public to consider making environmentally-friendly changes in their homes.

Residential carbon emissions is the focus of these initiatives with the Minister of Environment announcing a refreshed Energy Efficiency Scheme.

Up to £1000 will be made available to people who commit to making energy efficient improvements in their home.

These include loft insulation and thermostatic radiator valves.

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The Chief Minister previously announced that he plans to bring a Climate Change Bill to Tynwald in the next legislative year.

He has also spoke of a ban of all fossil fuel boilers in new-build housing by 2025 and a ban on the sale of new fossil fuel cars by 2040.