Martyn Hett's mother Figen Murray on her work with younger people and her petition 'Martyn's Law'

Credit: ITV Granada

Two years ago today, Figen Murray lost her son Martyn Hett.

He was one of 22 people killed when a terrorist detonated a bomb in the foyer of the Manchester Arena. Martyn was just 29-years-old.

Martyn Hett

Figen says that now she's come to terms with her loss, she's determined to help make concerts & events safer places for young people.

Last December she launched a petition, calling for better security measures to be installed at all events. That petition has now gained more than 20,000 signatures.

Figen is also spending her time talking to young people, to try and stamp out radicalisation.Today she tells us what she hopes to achieve in Martyn's name.

For help and support visit Victim Support, the NHS website or the GMCA website