On Thursday, polling booths across the North West will be open from 7am to 10pm.

Parties put forward a list of candidates - and each voter can choose one party (or an independent).

For each of the parties the ‘lead candidate’ is the most likely to get elected - here is a run-down of who they are.


Claire Fox is a media commentator who set up the Institute of Ideas think tank. She describes herself as a ‘left-wing free speech advocate’, who has chosen to stand for election to ‘stand up for democracy’.

Through the 1980s and 90s she was a member of the Revolutionary Communist Party, an organisation that defended the right of the IRA to bomb Warrington as part of their ‘struggle for freedom’ - two children died in the attack. In an interview with Granada Reports, Claire Fox said she had moved on ‘because there is no longer a war in Ireland’, but refused to apologise to the family of one of the victims.

On Brexit: The Brexit Party is a new party led by Nigel Farage. He has said Brexit must involve leaving both the single market and the customs union. Its candidates come from across the political spectrum.


Sajjad Karim has been a North West MEP since 2004. He was born and raised in Lancashire, where he continues to live when he is not in the European Parliament.

Prior to being elected, Sajjad Karim ran his own business - a law practice with offices in Pendle and Manchester. In the European Parliament he has worked to reduce the impact of EU legislation on small businesses, as well as sitting on the International Trade committee.

On Brexit: Contrary to Conservative Party policy, Sajjad Karim is in favour of another referendum, which he says may be the ‘only way’ to break the Brexit deadlock. Prime Minister Theresa May negotiated a Brexit deal with the EU that would take the UK out of the customs union and the single market, provided this does not lead to a hard border between Northern Ireland and the Republic. The deal has not been approved by a majority of MPs.

Sajjad Karim Credit: ITV News

CHANGE UK - Andrea Cooper

Andrea Cooper was born and raised in Liverpool and has worked in business, non-profit and the public sector, including senior roles at Liverpool FC Foundation and UpRising - a not-for-profit organisation that works with young people from under-represented backgrounds.

Andrea Cooper says her main motivation for standing in the elections is to support the region’s young people. In the European Parliament she says she would work to encourage cooperation between the public and private sector, and to address climate change.

On Brexit: Change UK is a new party founded by MPs who have left Labour and the Conservatives. The party stands in favour of a second referendum and would campaign for Remain.

Andrea Cooper Credit: ITV News

GREEN PARTY - Gina Dowding

Gina Dowding has been a Lancashire County Councillor for the past six years and previously worked on Lancaster City Council. During this time, she has actively campaigned against fracking. She previously worked in the NHS in public health project management.

Gina Dowding says she would use her seat in the European Parliament to tackle climate change alongside international partners. She says she is ‘absolutely committed’ to reducing social inequalities across the region.

On Brexit: The Green Party is campaigning for a second referendum and a Remain outcome.

Gina Dowding Credit: ITV News

LABOUR - Theresa Griffin MEP

Theresa Griffin has been a North West MEP since 2014, and previously served on Liverpool City Council as well as working closely with unions in the North West.

During her time in the European Parliament, Theresa Griffin has served on committees covering industry, energy, transport and tourism policies. She has also worked on tackling fuel poverty, regional funding, equalities, universities and health research.

On Brexit: Theresa Griffin campaigned to Remain in the EU during the 2016 referendum, and has since backed a second referendum, in which she says she would vote Remain again. The Labour Party says its priority is to get ‘the best Brexit deal’, which involves a ‘close future relationship’ with the EU.

Theresa Griffin Credit: ITV News


Chris Davies lives in Saddleworth. He served for fifteen years in the European Parliament until 2014, and is now standing for election again.

On the Parliament’s environment committee, Chris Davies introduced policies to support the development of low-carbon technology. He also campaigned to make fishing more sustainable, and introduced the legislation that led to graphic health warnings on cigarette packs.

On Brexit: The Liberal Democrats are campaigning to ‘Stop Brexit’. They want a second referendum and would support Remain.

Chris Davies Credit: ITV News

TOMMY ROBINSON (Stephen Yaxley-Lennon)

Stephen Yaxley-Lennon campaigns under the name Tommy Robinson. He founded the EDL in his hometown of Luton and has worked as an advisor to UKIP.

Tommy Robinson has been convicted of crimes including assault, mortgage fraud and contempt of court. His legal fees have been paid by conservative US think tank Middle East Forum.

He has been paid to write articles for the Canadian website Rebel Media, where he is described as ‘an avid speaker on the problems… with the rise of Extremism, Islam, ISIS, hate speakers and Sharia.’

On Brexit: Tommy says the UK should leave the EU without a deal. He says he wants to ‘galvanise the working class’, but added ‘there’s nothing you can do as an MEP’.

Tommy Robinson Credit: ITV News

UKIP - Adam Richardson

Adam Richardson is a barrister who has been a member of UKIP for five years. He has worked on legal cases related to Brexit, arguing that Parliament did not need to have a vote on whether to trigger Article 50 after the referendum.

Adam Richardson says he would take his seat in the European Parliament to vote against any legislation that takes powers away from the UK. He says he wants to ‘stop the flow of unnecessary legislation that over-regulates small businesses and stop the EU ruling over this country.’

On Brexit: UKIP has been campaigning to leave the EU for 27 years. The party says the UK should leave without a deal, then negotiate a free trade deal later.

Adam Richardson Credit: ITV News

Also standing:

ENGLISH DEMOCRATS - Stephen MorrisUK EUROPEAN UNION PARTY - Sophie Catherine LarroqueINDEPENDENT - Mohmmad Aslam

Credit: ITV News