North West relies on food banks more than anywhere else in the UK

Bill says that without his local food banks, he would be starving

The Trussell Trust gives out more food parcels in the North West than anywhere else in the country - and need for them has gone up by 25% this year alone.

Meanwhile, in one of the most deprived parts of the North West, Salford Food bank recently announced that some of their branches were threatened with closure.

Charanpreet Khaira went to meet one man who says his local food bank is keeping him alive:

Since talking to Bill, we contacted the DWP and they've looked into his claim.

They say they recognise that Bill is in arrears for his payments and they will pay him the money he's owed.

The DWP also say that it "cannot be claimed that Universal Credit is driving the overall use of foodbanks" and that people don't have to wait 5 weeks for their payment, but "Universal Credit is available to claimants on day one."

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