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Knife victim's widow gives birth three weeks after murder

Mary and her murdered father David Gavin who was stabbed to death in Rochdale. Credit: MEN.

A baby girl will grow up without a dad after he was knifed to death in the street just weeks before she was born.

Mary arrived in the early hours of Friday. Her dad David Gavin, 23, and from Rochdale, was knifed in the neck in a brawl three weeks ago.

Despite medic's best efforts, he died in hospital.

David doted on his three-year-old daughter Elizabeth.

He'll never be able to show Mary the same love and devotion.

Police, who launched a murder investigation in the wake of the tragedy, say they're fighting for justice for David's family.

David's wife Bridget, known as Bridgey, was left grieving while heavily pregnant.

She said she misses her husband 'more than words can ever say'.

David Gavin and older daughter Elizabeth. Credit: MEN.

"Mary is absolutely gorgeous. "David would have loved her more than anything. You can feel his presence. "She's a big, strong girl like her dad."

– Bridget's dad Bill
David Gavin and wife Bridget. Credit: MEN.

A family statement released by police the week after David died read: "He was a loving, hard-working family man. Everything he did was for his wife and child.

"His three-year-old daughter Elizabeth and wife Bridget are absolutely devastated and miss him more than words can ever say.

"David was due to be a father for a second time any day and was so excited to meet his new baby and move into a new home. He has worked so hard for this and will now sadly never get the chance.

"David had so much to live for. His whole family is absolutely heartbroken.

"His mother Elizabeth and father Martin pray the person who killed their son will face legal justice.”

While Bridget prepares to leave hospital and start her new life as a single mum to two young daughters, detectives are working around the clock to establish exactly what happened the night David, from the Castleton area of Rochdale, died.