Ester McVey pledges to deliver Brexit and public sector pay rises in bid to become Prime Minister

Tory leadership hopeful Esther McVey promised public sector workers a pay rise as she officially launcher her bid to become the next Prime Minister.

The Tatton MP also vowed to increase police spending and boost funding for education, should she take the top role.

Today she officially launched her leadership bid at a meeting of the Eurosceptic Bruges Group in central London.

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She said the Tories had "turned the economy round" and it was time to "thank those people who helped us get the economy back on track".

Ms McVey, who was joined at the launch by her partner and fellow MP Philip Davies, said the foreign aid budget must be brought back to 2010 levels.

Standing in front of a picture of Margaret Thatcher, she said: "Of course we will help people around the world who need it, but now we need help here too."

Finishing her launch with an impassioned speech she said: "Unite the country. Make sure we stand up for democracy too - the biggest ever democratic vote to get us out of the EU so that we can be a strong, sovereign nation who can proudly be on that global stage."

Immediately after the launch a heckler, who described himself as a "paid-up member" of the Tory party, took to the podium to shout: "Excuse me, you are all fake news and these people are fake Conservatives."

The man, who later gave his name as Graham Moore, was escorted out of the room during a heated exchange.

After leaving the building the 55-year-old from south-east London told the Press Association he does not support any of the leadership contenders.

Insisting the UK had already left the EU on March 29, he said: "None of them (party hopefuls) are no good. They need to remove the Conservative Party, they don't believe in the rule of law."

Describing herself as a "straight talker", Ms McVey said the Brexit negotiations to date had been a "national embarrassment".

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