D-day hero's family pay respects in Warrington 75 years on

Today for the first time the grave of war hero Robert Hutchison will be seen by his daughter who was only two when he died just after D-day 75 years ago.

It will be especially moving for Brenda because not only has she never seen his grave she has never left the country.

And thanks to new technology she can see it via a live link later on from her home town of Warrington at her Dad's old school.

There'll be a special service at Oakwood High School in Warrington for the man who died on June 11 1944 five days after landing on Juno beach.

Robert was with the Black Watch. They'd made a safe landing on the evening of 6th June. His battalion then had to take a nearby radar station and defend the para regiments around Pegasus Bridge.

It was around this area, called the triangle of death, as the sun rose at 4.30am the battalion were ambushed trying to capture the village of Breville They came under attack by machine gun and mortar fire. There were 200 casualties and 110 died, including Robert.

His daughter Brenda now lives near his old school. Many of her children and grandchildren (she has 28!) attended or still attend.

Tomorrow Chris Bent, an historian, will be filming live from Juno beach, the site of Robert's death and then his grave, and his pictures will be screened live via Facetime to the school. Brenda and many of her family have been invited to sit with the 100+ children to watch.

Robert Hutchison died in the triangle of death trying to liberate Breville