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Colourful Umbrella Project returns to Liverpool

The artwork is made up of hundreds of colourful umbrellas Photo: ADHD Foundation

The ADHD Foundation, which is based in Liverpool, is bringing the Umbrella Project back to the city.

Organisers say that the project aims to raise awareness, and celebrate, a range of conditions under the umbrella term of 'neurodiversity', including ADHD, autism and dyslexia.

Hundreds of coloured umbrellas will be suspended above Church Alley, each one signed and decorated by neurodiverse children from across the city. They were asked to state their gifts, talents and abilities - their ‘super power’, with the aim of celebrating cognitive differences.

Since its initial launch in 2017 the project has expanded and the artwork will also go on display at Heathrow Airport.

When we first launched this small project back in 2017, on a little known back street in Liverpool, we were unprepared for the massive impact it was going to have. In its short lifetime, the project has grown beyond all expectation, going viral on social media, attracting international media coverage, inspiring copycat projects around the world, and launching in other locations such as MediaCity, and for the first time in Heathrow this year.

The campaign aims to celebrate the many strengths and advantages that come from thinking differently and perceiving the world differently, and raise awareness in order to reduce the stigma, myths and misconceptions associated with having these conditions, demonstrating how and why neurodiverse individuals contribute to our lives, our families and our economy.

At school neurodiverse children can see themselves as somehow ‘less than’ or lacking in intelligence and employability. We want to change that with a curriculum for the 21st century that celebrates the gifts and talents of every neurodiverse individual, empowering and enabling the next generation of children.

– Dr Tony Lloyd, ADHD Foundation
The Umbrella Project is returning to Liverpool Credit: ADHD Foundation