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17% increase in arrests made during TT 2019

Statistics have been released showing the accidents and arrest figures from the 2019 Isle of Man TT.

The overall number of arrests made during this year's festival increased from 126 in 2018 to 148.

The poor weather and reduced number of races led to busier town centres which caused a higher number of drink-related arrests.

However, the number of collisions during the fortnight reduced from 78 to 62.

There were no traffic collisions involving motorbikes on the Coast Road due to a visible police presence and a temporary 50mph speed limit.

These statistics are measured from Saturday 25th May to Friday 7th June covering the whole TT period.

Two fatal accidents also took place this year both taking place in different locations on the Sloc A36 road in the south of the Island.

The TT road safety team promoted their Road Safety Campaign to road users before and throughout the TT.

Credit: ITV Granada Reports

A number of debriefs are now scheduled to take place before looking at any policing improvements for next year.

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