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Man with a shotgun raids Liverpool McDonald's

An armed raider threatened terrified McDonald's staff in a gunpoint robbery at a busy Liverpool retail park.

The man burst into the Jennifer Avenue branch of the fast food outlet at around 5.30pm on Sunday, when the restaurant was busy with customers. He then held up petrified staff with a shotgun, demanding cash from the restaurants tills and making threats.

Merseyside Police confirmed he made off with cash from the scene and fled on foot across Scotland Road and that he had his face covered throughout.

Crime scene at Jennifer Avenue Credit: ECHO syndication

Meanwhile, some customers whose orders were interrupted by the robbery were seen demanding their food - or their money back - despite staff being clearly left shaken by their ordeal.

One customer who was in the drive-through at the time of the armed raid was left shocked by people's behaviour and lack of care for staff.

Taking to Twitter to air their disgust, the customer said: "I was waiting in my car for food at the time. Some people were demanding their orders or money back after the event.

"Absolutely no consideration for the staff who were visibly shaken by their ordeal. Shame on you."

An officer on duty outside the McDonald's restaurant Credit: Liverpool Echo

Speaking as part of a police appeal into the robbery, Detective Inspector Jacky Fitzpatrick said: "Robberies such as this can have a lasting effect on the members of staff involved, who are often just local people trying to earn a living. It is despicable to think that anyone could put them through an ordeal like this purely for their own financial gain.

“Thankfully no-one was injured but staff and witnesses have clearly been left extremely shaken.

“I would appeal to anyone with information about this incident to contact us immediately, to help us remove this offender from the streets.''

Police say staff were ''extremely shaken'' Credit: Liverpool Echo

The masked offender is described as being in his 30s, of medium build and wearing a jacket and pants.

– Merseyside Police