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Campaign for better anti-terror protection after Manchester Arena attack

The mother of one of the victims of the Manchester Arena attack is launching a campaign for better anti-terrorism protection at large venues. Figen Murray's son, Martyn Hett, was among 22 people murdered by a suicide bomber at the arena two years ago. She's calling for a new law to oblige big venues and public spaces to put in place basic security plans and procedures.

Figen Murray with anti-terror campaigners Credit: PA

"We're launching this campaign today because we don't want any other family to go through what we have when so many of these attacks could be prevented or their impact reduced. "It cannot be right that venues are held legally responsible for how many toilets they have, but not for basic security measures that could prevent a terror attack. "I named this campaign Martyn's Law but passing it would be a tribute to all those who died in Manchester and beyond."

– Figen Murray

The campaign is being backed by the Mayor of Greater Manchester, Andy Burnham, and a former senior police officer, retired Chief Superintendent Nick Aldworth. He has written a report setting out the core components of 'Martyn's Law'. It would include a requirement that spaces and places to which the public have access: - engage with freely available counter-terrorism advice and training - conduct vulnerability assessments of their operating places and spaces - mitigate the risks created by the vulnerabilities - put in place a counter-terrorism plan

"For 36 years I worked in the military and the police to keep our country safe and I can tell you that unless we get better at sharing that responsibility more people may be murdered or harmed by terrorists. "In other areas of policy we already do this. For example when it comes to preventing fire we know it's not just a job for fire fighters - we expect the law to play its part from planning legislation to mandatory fire escapes and drills. It's time we take the same approach to terrorism.

– Retired Chief Superintendent Nick Aldworth

Figen Murry came into ITV Granada Reports to speak to presenter Tony Morris.