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Dog abandoned with 5kg of matted fur rescued by the RSPCA

Before and after pictures show the amazing transformation Credit: RSPCA

These before and after pictures show the amazing transformation of a dog that was abandoned with matted fur which was so bad it was impossible to tell what breed she was.

The badly neglected dog was found in Hale Lane, Failsworth, near Manchester, just after midnight on Tuesday, June 11th.

A member of the public came across her wandering around distressed near a popular dog walking spot called Moston Brook. She managed to secure the dog in a nearby garden and contacted the local dog warden.

The dog warden called the RSPCA to investigate as it was clear the dog had been neglected and there were fears the long matted coat may have caused other medical issues which would not be apparent until her fur had been shaved.

Inspector Lorna Campbell took the dog to the RSPCA’s Greater Manchester Animal Hospital where staff got to work on shaving off her matted fur - which took them four hours - and she now looks completely transformed (pictured left).

Sometimes matting can cause the blood supply to be cut off and in some cases dogs left in this state have had to have amputations.

Fortunately the dog, which has now been identified as a Poodle - and has been named Lizzie by staff - had no serious problems once 5 kilograms of fur had been shaved off.

RSPCA staff had to shave Lizzie's matted hair off Credit: RSPCA

We were really worried that under all the matted fur we may find more serious concerns. I am just so pleased this wasn’t the case and Lizzie is doing really well.

Her fur was so matted it took veterinary staff four hours to shave her. They took off hair weighing 5 kilograms - which was a quarter of Lizzie’s weight as she weighed in at 20kg.

She was thin you could see her ribs and we would have expected her to weigh about 5kg more.

Her fur at the backend was full of faeces and it was a good job Lizzie was found when she was and it wasn’t too warm. Hot weather can lead to flies laying eggs in hair like this and then maggots get into the dog.

Her matted fur was so bad I couldn’t even check if she was microchipped as the scanner would not work but we have now found out she wasn’t.

I would like to trace the owners of this dog as she was clearly neglected and it appears instead of seeking help for her she was dumped during the night - which must have been terrifying for her.

– Inspector Lorna Campbell, RSPCA
5 kilograms of fur had to be shaved off Credit: RSPCA

Lizzie is now being looked after by a foster carer in Southport where she will remain until she is ready to be re-homed.

Anyone with information which can help the investigation should call the RSPCA appeals line on 0300 123 8018.