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Manchester Council responds to new arena report

Manchester Council has responded to a study has called into question the logic behind a proposed large-scale arena outside the city centre in Manchester.

In a statement, a council spokesperson said:

We have always envisaged a range of possible destination uses on the Etihad Campus in East Manchester.

An Arena, alongside other development options, is being explored as part of the overall vision for the area because Eastlands has been identified as a potentially viable location for such a use. The framework is a high level overview setting out an overall vision for the area, not the specific set of proposals which some are choosing to see it as. Like all of our strategic plans, it's about looking at ways we can grow the success of the city - attracting visitors, jobs and investment which otherwise wouldn't be here, not boosting one area at the expense of another.

Supporting and growing Manchester's thriving visitor economy is a key objective for the city. Recent events such as the World Cup cricket games at Old Trafford and the Metallica concert at the Etihad demonstrate how such events contribute significantly to the city centre.

Should a decision be taken to pursue an arena, then this will be determined through the normal planning process following further consultation with residents and other interested parties.

– Manchester City Council spokesman

A new 20,000 capacity arena has been outlined as part of Manchester City Council’s Eastlands Regeneration Framework, out for consultation until 26th June.

Grant Thornton, who are behind the study, say Manchester cannot sustain two large-scale arenas:

The Manchester Arena currently makes a significant contribution to the city centre, providing over 2,200 jobs and helping to stimulate the local economy.

Our analysis shows that a new out-of-town arena would put this at risk and have a knock-on effect to the success of the city centre as visitors are pulled away and spending levels decrease.

– Grant Thornton spokesperson