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The 'Cycling Scouser' returns home after a gruelling charity challenge

Andrew Rogerson has cycled all over the globe to raise money for good causes. Credit: Andrew Rogerson

A man dubbed "the Cycling Scouser" has raised £10,000 for a children's cancer charity after cycling across the USA.

Andrew Rogerson rode from Seattle to New Jersey in just six weeks.

Credit: ITV News

He was fundraising for JLR’s Charity of the Year Charlie’s Chance Foundation, which helps families and children with cancer access treatment which is unavailable in the UK.

Andrew has so far raised more than £10,000 for the charity.

But even with an excellent cause to spur him on, Andrew faced some real challenges - including a personal tragedy.

Andrew had to rush home after his mother became seriously ill - she has since passed away. Credit: Andrew Rogerson

Jennifer Buck went to meet him: